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24 March 2021 - 26 March 2021
German-Dutch Artificial Intelligence Event

Artificial Intelligence in Agri & Food

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has an impact on the Agri & Food sector in how agriculture is executed as well as on the consumption of food. Digitisation of the production, trade and consumption of food offers opportunities to use AI for more efficient and sustainable food systems.

Netherlands and Germany

The Dutch AgroFood sector not only has an international focus but is also a world leader in the field of digitisation. The production, trade and logistics of agricultural products such as flowers, vegetables and seeds are of the highest level, partly due to digitisation. Digitisation is already a crucial part of the infrastructure that enables innovation in the Agri & Food sector.

The German AgroFood sector counts companies from Claas to Infarm, that have an impact far beyond Germany. AI plays an increasing role in agriculture, many "Experimentierfelder" are investigating how it can be implemented in the various fields. To bring AI to a higher level, Germany is now developing an Agri-GAIA platform  to develop data sharing for AgroFood on an European level.

AI in AgroFood becomes very concrete

In the greenhouse horticulture sector, more and more actions done by humans are being replaced by robots, which AI is making smarter and smarter. In time, greenhouses are expected to produce food and ornamental horticulture autonomously. In arable and animal farming, AI is becoming increasingly important in providing decision support: How do I optimally use crop protection? With good animal care, can I administer less preventive medication to livestock? These questions are increasingly being answered with AI technology.

Working Group:

In the session on agri-food, the experts will discuss the different perspectives and the importance of international cooperation in data sharing platforms. This dialogue will then be continued on the specific themes of precision farming and indoor/autonomous farming.

The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) working group Agriculture and Nutrition

Digitisation is already a crucial part of the infrastructure that enables innovation in the Dutch Agri & Food sector. Globally, we see that considerable investments are being made in AI. Participants in the working group Agriculture and Nutrition work to identify opportunities and challenges and develop concrete plans for the application of AI. Six themes have been defined to work on, namely: AgroFood, Robotics, Autonomous Greenhouse, SmartFarming, SmartBreeding, Personalized Nutrition, and Food Processing.

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